Pump Saver Review

A simple & cheap can of pump saver will save your pressure washer pump from being ruined if you store it over the winter – or if you only use your washer occasionally (about once a month).  I’ll share my pro tips on what a can of pump saver does, how to use it & I share my review of the best formula on the market.

My top recommended pump saver formula is the Briggs & Stratton Pump Saver on Amazon. It has the best formula that combines a high quality anti-freeze with lubricants. I'll save your pump & keep your washer working at it's best. You can check  Amazons price for the Briggs & Stratton Pump Saver.

Pressure washer pump saver comes in aerosol cans and is incredibly cheap. For only about 12 bucks, you can get a can that’ll be good for several uses. (I usually get 3-4 uses from a small can.) Compare that to the cost of replacing a pump, fixing an engine or having to buy an entirely new pressure washer. It’s a great investment! (Quite frankly, I think every new pressure washer should come with a small, starter can.)

Its a mix of specialized anti-freeze & lubrication for your washer pump. This formula lubricates & seals the pistons & O-rings - to keep them from drying out. And the anti-freeze keeps your unit from freezing when colder temperatures hit. (That’s why the can is often called a “winterizer”.)

You should always use it before you put your power washer away, in the fall. And when you bring your washer out in the spring, use it before you start it up for the first time. And, if your temperatures have been warm, but you haven’t started your unit within 30 days, you’ll want to give it a dose.

How to Use Pump Saver

It’s really easy to use & it only takes a few seconds.

First, I want to mention that the aerosol can will force existing water & any extra anti-freeze/lubricant, out of your pump, onto the ground. I really recommend that you put down a small tarp or newspapers, under your washer, so clean up will be easier for you. You especially don’t want to leave anti-freeze drippings where pets can get to it!

Start with your pressure washer turned off and unhooked from your garden hose. And make sure that the engine & pump are cold. You do this with a warm or running engine!

Attach the can to your water inlet. (Your water inlet is where you normally attach your garden hose.) Then push the button on the can until the moment the foam comes out the high-pressure side of your pump. That’s it! You’ve just protected your pump so it’ll be ready for you whenever you need it!

Now get your pump saver & protect your pressure washer investment.

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