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Welcome to my PressureWasherWiz.com website. I wrote these pages to help you find the right pressure washer unit for you ! I share my experiences, and review pressure washers, to help you choose the best. I try to save you time, effort & money!

Just like everyone else, I'm concerned about privacy issues, so I wanted to clearly post my Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure for you to read:

I do not collect, use, store or disclose any data collected from my visitors/readers.  Third party advertisers, like Google, may collect data or use cookies.

But if you choose to email me a pressure washer question using my Questions/Comments form, I will reply back to the email address you submitted. But you can opt out at any time, and remove your email address, and I will not email you again.

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And I really want you to know that I do not accept any free pressure washers, accessories or parts from any manufacturers! None! I write my own independent reviews and I include my honest opinion. Pros and cons. I purchase, out of my own pocket, all of my own pressure washers & related products.

Thanks again for visiting!


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