Pressure Washer Pump Oil Review

Don’t forget that correctly changing your pressure washer pump oil is one of the most important things you can do to keep from spending unnecessary money replacing a burned-out pump - or buying a whole new washer. Many homeowners overlook this.  Follow my pro tips to find the best oil for you washer and more pump maintenance tips:

We pros know that the pump is the hardest working part of the washer. And a good oil will keep you from spending a lot of extra money or losing cleaning time. Never use an engine oil! You need a specially formulated non-detergent pump oil. I highly recommend Briggs & Stratton's 6033 synthetic oil as an economical & quality oil to keep your unit running. And it works with ALL pressure washer brands.  As all the manufacturers will tell you, synthetic oil is best and my #1 top pump oil recommendation is Briggs & Stratton's synthetic on

Pressure Washer Pump Oil Maintenance Tips

Protect your pressure washer investment by making sure you take care of your pump.

It only takes a few seconds to check your oil level before you start it up. Each time. You can just take a look at your oil sight window level. Or check with your dipstick.

And don't forget that you need to change the oil, every spring, the first  time you start it up. This is so important because over the winter, your oil will thicken and can ruin a working pump.  

Check your owners manual for more maintenance instructions for your washer and instructions on how to change your pressure washer pump oil.

How to Change Your Pressure Washer Oil

First, make sure the pressure washer is turned off and not connected to your garden hose. You’ll then need to fully drain the oil and fuel from your pressure washer engine.

Get an Allen wrench and take off your oil cap. Then slowly tilt your pressure washer on the side to drain the oil. Make sure you’ve set out a pan or tray to collect the old oil.

Once the oil has completely drained, put your pressure washer back into the upright positon.

Then fill up your pump with new pressure washer pump oil after double-checking for any special instructions in your owner’s manual. Never overfill! After you’ve poured in the correct amount of new pump oil, put the oil cap back on and test for tightness. Always make sure you wipe off any oil that might have spilled or dripped.

My important buying tip: If you still have to replace your pressure washer pump, make sure you match your existing specs, with your new pump.  You'll want to match up the PSI (Pounds per Square Inch), GPM (Gallons per Minute) ratings - as well as the mount type:  horizontal versus vertical. You don't have to choose the same brand name, when you're replacing your pressure washer pump, but you do need to match the specs.

Now you're armed with great information about the right pressure washer pump oil for you washer.

Here's my highly recommended replacement pumps - and why I recommend them:

This horizontal Generac pump is a universal fit - so it will work with any pressure washer brand or engine up to 3,000 PSI with a horizontal mount.

When you compare quality & price, you just can't beat this Generac pump.

It's shipped to you completely sealed - and ready to be installed next to your engine. I love that it comes completely sealed & with proper fluids. No leaks. Extra easy & fast installation for you. And Generac consistently produces quality pressure washer pumps. You can read other customer reviews on

This Himore Universal vertical mount pump, available on Amazon, is my top choice if you need a vertical mount replacement pump.

This vertical mount pump with 7/8" shaft fits any model or brand of pressure washer with a maximum of 2700 PSI and 2.4 GPM.

And this Himore Universal Vertical Pump will come to you filled with pump oil, sealed and ready to be put onto your washer. No annoying leaks or refilling. Super easy installation so you won't waste time getting your unit up & running again. 

And it's very economically priced. You can pick it up for less than $100! You can check this item at's price.

And this AR North America Triplex pump is my #1 Choice when you need a replacement triplex  pump.

 I love the construction: one piece that's made with a special alloy aluminum and bronze base. It's oversized to give you the maximum strength & longest life.

It works  great for gas pressure washer units up to 4,000 PSI and 3 GPM. And it features a 3/8" quick connect - so hooking it up only take a few minutes. You can check this item at's price.


And don't forget that proper maintenance is critical for getting the most out of your pump - and protecting your investment!

Most gas pressure washer owners manual state that you should check your pump oil level often.  I think it's best to check your pump oil level before you start the engine - each time. And it's a good idea to completely change the oil every spring.

Check your owners manual for more maintenance instructions for your unit!

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