Pressure Washer Pump Antifreeze

Using pressure washer pump antifreeze is the best & cheapest way of saving your pressure washer pump from damage over the winter. And, if you only use your pressure washer every few months, antifreeze will protect your pump while it’s not being used. Cold temperature & infrequent use, without antifreeze, can completely destroy your pump!

And you can see my #1 recommended pump antifreeze and lubricant: Briggs & Stratton Pump Saver on Amazon.

What is Pressure Washer Pump Antifreeze?

Let’s talk about what pressure washer pump antifreeze is, how it’s different from other antifreeze's and I’ll review the best formula on the market.

It comes in aerosol cans & it’s cheap! For only about 10 bucks, you can get a small can  that’ll give you about 4 applications. And when you compare that to spending a few hundred dollars on a new replacement pressure washer – it’s CHEAP! Honestly, I think every new pressure washer should come with a can of this stuff.  

My top recommended pump saver formula is the Briggs & Stratton Pump Saver on Amazon. It has the best formula that combines a high quality anti-freeze with lubricants. I'll save your pump & keep your washer working at it's best. You can check  Amazons price for the Briggs & Stratton Pump Saver.

The formula for pressure washers is a mix of specialized anti-freeze & lubrication. It lubricates & seals the pistons & O-rings on your pump - to keep them from drying out. And the anti-freeze keeps your pump from freezing when colder temperatures hit. (That’s why it’s often called a “winterizer”.)

The best time to use this pump saver is before you put your power washer away, in the fall. And when you bring your washer out in the spring, after the cold weather, you should use it again, before you start it up. Also, if your temperatures have been consistently warm, but you haven’t started your washer in more than 30 days, you’ll want to give it a quick hit of antifreeze/lubricant.

How to Use Pressure Washer Pump Antifreeze

It’s super easy to use and only takes a few minutes. Really.

Before you start, make sure you put down some newspapers or tarp on the ground, under your washer. The power of the aerosol can will push existing water & any antifreeze out of your pump, onto the ground. And check to make sure your pets or children can’t get to any puddles of antifreeze.

Make sure your power washer is turned off and unhooked from your garden hose. Both the engine & pump must be cold. Never do this with a running or warm engine.

Hook up the can nozzle to your water inlet. The water inlet is where you hook up your garden hose to your washer.

Push the button on the can just until the foam starts coming out of the high pressure side of your pump. Then unhook the can from your water inlet.

That’s it. You’ve just protected your pump with critical lubricants and antifreeze. And when you’re ready to use your washer, just run water through it until it runs clear.

So get a cheap can of pressure washer pump antifreeze & lubricant to protect your pressure washer investment.

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