Pressure Washer Color Codes

It’s important to understand pressure washer color codes for nozzles so you can do cleaning jobs around your home – without damaging your surfaces. Let’s talk about how to match up your cleaning job with the right pressure washer nozzle color:

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Most pressure washers come with 5 or 4 color coded nozzle tips: white, green, yellow, red - and sometimes black. Let’s review what these pressure washer color codes mean:

The white nozzle produces a 40 degree spray fan. This is the widest spray pattern of all the color coded nozzles – so it produces the least amount of pressure. You’ll want to use the white nozzle when you’re cleaning sensitive surfaces like decks, window washing, washing your car, etc. And a lot of us like the wide spray of the white nozzle, because it works really fast & gentle cleaning of large areas like driveways, pools, etc.

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Your green nozzle will give you a 25 degree spray fan, which is small than the white nozzle, but it’s also more powerful. You can use the green color coded nozzle for cleaning your patio, vinyl siding or for getting really stuck-on leaves, mud or grass clipping off your walkways or driveways. When you’re starting with a green nozzle, stand farther away from the surface you’re cleaning. And only move closer, slowly, if you need more pressure to clean. Go slowly.

The yellow nozzle color code means it will produce a 15 degree fan pattern – with a lot of pressure! This is a powerful nozzle and it’s also called a chiseling tip. I only recommend using this for really tough stains, on durable surfaces, like peeling paint or getting rid of tough mildew. Just like using the green nozzle, start by standing far away from the dirty surface, and only move closer if you absolutely need to.

The red pressure washer nozzle is the most powerful nozzle that produces a 0 degree spray. I want to tell you: you have to be very careful if you use this nozzle. It produces a concentrated pressure spray that will gouge or destroy soft or delicate surfaces. Don’t even think about using it on painted surfaces, wood, etc. Personally, I rarely use it. But, some folks like to use it to remove set-in, stubborn stains and removing grass from between cracks in a driveway or walkway. Only use with extreme caution.

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And then there’s the black color pressure washer nozzle. It’s also called a soaper nozzle. You’ll only use this nozzle when you want to apply detergents or pre-cleaners. It provides a lower pressure spray so you can properly apply your soap. Then you’ll switch to a white, green, yellow or red nozzle to start cleaning.

Maintenance of Pressure Washer Color Code Nozzles

Just like any working part, a pressure washer nozzle can wear out, after a lot of use. (And if you’re like me, you might occasionally lose one.) If you use your washer often, I recommend replacing your pressure washer nozzles each spring. And, of course, if you lose one, it’s easy to replace it.

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Now you can match up your cleaning jobs to the right pressure washer color codes!

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