Pressure Pro Pressure Washers Review

If you're comparing pressure washers, my independent Pressure Pro pressure washers review page will help you decide if it's a washer you should consider. I rate the engine, the pump, quality and warranty on the Pressure Pro E3027HC that's available on Amazon. And I give you my pro advice on the types of cleaning jobs it's really suited for.

Pressure Pro Pressure Washers E3027HC

Gas Engine: The Honda GX200 series engine on this Pressure Pro washer is a very high quality gas engine that's well known for reliability and performance. It's a commercial grade Honda OHV engine that will give you a whopping 6.5 HP!  It's an air-cooled 4 stroke engine with recoil (manual pull) start. A good choice for the serious homeowner or contractor.

Because this Honda GX200 gas engine is CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant, there are significantly less emissions and it's much quieter than most gas engines. Also, I really like Honda's unique Oil Alert System: they have an oil level sensor inside the crankcase. So, if your oil level gets too low, it will warn you by stopping the engine. It'll keep you form ruining your engine because you forget to check the oil level!

Pump: Since there's nothing worse that having to replace a cheap pump after only a few months, I love the CAT 4PPX30GSI triplex pump on this Pressure Pro pressure washer on Amazon. A triplex pump is the heaviest & longest lasting pump available on pressure washers - and it's the type of pump pro's insist on.

I really like the fact that this CAT pump has a special Thermo Sensor that keeps it from overheating if you're in bypass mode. Bypass mode starts the moment you shut your spray gun off (by releasing the trigger) and the pressurized water re-circulates back into the inlet side of your pump. Basically, once you take your finger off the trigger, and you stop spraying, your pump can become overheated by the flow of water recirculating in the pump. Your pump can overheat - and fail - while it waits for you to start spraying again. I just can't tell you how many pumps I've seen ruined by staying in bypass mode too long. But the Thermo Sensor will help keep that from happening to you. Genius.

And the fact that you get a 5 year commercial warranty on this CAT pump tells you what a workhorse this pump is!

PSI (Pounds per Square Inch): 2,700 max

GPM (Gallons per Minute): 3.0

Frame Construction: This Pressure Pro pressure washer frame is made of aircraft grade aluminum - so it's not only very strong - but it's light too. It's a premium frame.  No rust too! And the dual handles are padded to reduce any vibrations passing up to your hands and arms. And I wanted to mention that the steel axle is 3/4" cold rolled steel.

Spray Gun:  You get a pro-quality spray gun & wand included. And the spray gun is insulated to lessen the vibrations, from the flowing pressurized water, from reaching your hands. This really helps keep your hands and arms from tiring. Especially on big jobs.

Nozzles: You get the standard 5 Quick Connect spray nozzle tips:  0°, 15°, 25° and 40° stainless steel quick-connect nozzles, plus a brass quick-connect low pressure chemical nozzle. There's a handy spray nozzle storage strip built right into the Pressure Pro frame.

Wheels: It has two 10" diameter pneumatic tires. 

High Pressure Hose: You get a super-tough 50 ft steel-reinforced high pressure hose on this Pressure Pro pressure washer. I really recommend a 50 ft hose for bigger cleaning jobs instead of the 20 ft and 25 ft hoses you'll see on most other washers.  You won't have to stop and move your washer as many times as you would with a shorter hose.  That's a big time saver. 

Easy to Move? The out-of-the-box weight for this Pressure Pro is 95 lbs. But since the frame is made of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum,  it feels light & easy to move around. You can see this Pressure Pro Washer on   

Dimensions: 32" x 22" x 25". I think its a fairly compact size for such power (6.5 HP & 2,700 PSI)

Chemical Tank: This Pressure Pro washer doesn't have a built-in chemical tank. They do include a siphon tube that can be inserted into any chemical/detergent jug.

Warranty: Because this washer is a heavy-duty unit for both homeowners & contractors, the warranty is fantastic! It has a 3 year commercial warranty on the Honda GX200 engine. And a 5 year commercial warranty on the CAT pump. AND the frame has a lifetime limited warranty. In my opinion, this Pressure Pro washer has some of the best warranty's on the market.

What I liked least about this Pressure Pro pressure washer: I would have liked to have seen a hose & wand rack built right into the aluminum frame. You get a generously long & strong 50ft high pressure hose. But it would be so much easier if you could just store your hose and wand right onto the frame. You can check Amazon's price on the Pressure Pro washer.   

What I liked most about this modelIf you've read any of my other reviews, you know that I recommend a Honda engine & CAT pump as an unbeatable combination. Power, quality and reliability. You're guaranteed pro results on just about any cleaning job including removing the worst & toughest stains and stripping paint. Yes, this Pressure Pro pressure washer is a bit more of an investment because of the Honda Engine and CAT pump. But it will give any homeowner or contractor a huge return on investment over the long haul.  You can read more reviews & check Amazons price.


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