Power Washer Detergent Tips

Are you wondering if power washer detergent is really worth using when you're tackling your home & yard cleaning projects? Since there's so much contradictory information on the web, I wanted to share my pro advice & experience about power washer soaps.

And you can check Amazon's price on my #1 pressure washer detergent pick: Simple Green Concentrate.

It's concentrated & strong with a dilution ratio of 1:64! So you get deep cleaning and a good value. And even though Simple Green is a strong detergent, its made with biodegradable ingredients and meets Green Seal GS-37 standards too.

Check Amazon's price on Simple Green Concentrate Detergent.

I'll steer you straight to help you get your jobs done faster - with better results. Without having to break your budget by hiring a commercial service.  

Power Washer Detergent 101

Is it worth buying power washer detergent? Yes! As long as you buy the right formulation - and use it correctly - you'll get better cleaning & faster results using a detergent or soap.

You see, power washer detergents are one of the big tricks that pro's use to get better results - and finish jobs faster. When you're a commercial pressure washer, you know that time is money. And soaps or chemicals are highly effective in quickly loosening dirt, grease and mildew, before the pressure washing even begins. This saves any contractor lots of time - and they can move to the next paying job much quicker.

If you need a pro grade degreasing detergent check out Simple Green Heavy Duty Detergent on Amazon.

It's a one-step cleaner/degreaser that's formulated for lawn equipment, appliances, auto, motorcycles, RV's, BBB's, ovens, grills, stovetops, heavy equipment, wheels, tools & more.

Check Amazon's price on the Simple Green Pro Degreaser Detergent.

Also, soaps play a big part in the great & consistent cleaning results that pros are able to achieve. Smart pro's let the soap do a lot of the work, so it helps keep them from "overworking" any areas that are particularly dirty. Pro's know that if you overwork an area by keeping the nozzle to close to the surface - or spraying in one spot too long - the surface will be damaged. You'll see "furring" or stripping on surfaces when that happens. The last thing a contractor wants to do is be responsible for replacing damaged deck boards, bricks, vinyl siding, window trim, etc.!

What about the homemade pressure washing cleaning recipes you'll see all over the internet? Trust me, avoid homemade cleaning solutions at all costs. I've seen so much damage from these homemade bleach solutions & recipes that you wouldn't believe it. Stripped colors, frayed boards, missing chunks of surfaces. Quite frankly, it's better not to try it rather than cause thousands of dollars of damage around your house, car, pool or yard!

Here's my #1 choice for the most economical & effect power washer detergent for 2015:

This Simple Green All Purpose Concentrate is simply the best. I've always been disappointed with the "eco-friendly" or "green" formulations that may be good for the environment -- but are extremely poor performers. I don't like to waste any money. But this Simple Green All Purpose power washer detergent on Amazon is non-toxic, bio-biodegradable and meets Green Seal GS-37 standards - and it STILL cleans better than any other power washer detergent I've tried.

And it's incredibly economical because the dultion ratio is 1:64! Incredible. You get a great value and pro cleaning results with this Simple Green detergent on Amazon!

And I want to give you another tip: most homeowners don't give their soaps enough time to do it's job. Read your label. If the directions tell you to leave it on for 8 mins - don't start cleaning before the 8 mins are up.  It really makes a huge difference.

And don't forget that you'll need to use your low-pressure (or black) spray nozzle for applying all detergents or chemicals.

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