Hot Water Pressure Washer Review

Use my independent hot water pressure washer reviews & buying tips to help you choose the best one for your indoor & outdoor cleaning jobs. You’ll make a big investment on a hot water unit, so make sure you choose the one best suited for your work. And you can see my #1 top hot pressure washer pick: the Northstar Hot Water/Hot Steam washer available on Amazon.

Why Choose a Hot Pressure Washer?

You need a hot water pressure washer unit if you want to clean any kind of grease or oil from existing surfaces! That means any type of industrial grease and oil in factories, farms & construction sites  – as well as food grade grease & oil in kitchens, bakeries, restaurants, etc.

Hot Water Pressure Washer Buying Tips

The water in these units are heated by diesel, electric, gas, fuel oil, natural gas or propane. But the most popular models use diesel, electric or gas to heat the pressurized water – and they’re generally the most economical units.  You’ll see units made by Cam Spray, Karcher, Hotsy, NorthStar, Pressure-Pro, Shark and more.

There are three basic styles to choose from: portable, skid and trailer. Portable models are built with a steel cage/frame and outfitted with wheels to make it easy to move & position it. Skid mounted units have no wheels but can be moved around with a forklift or hoisted onto an existing trailer.  And trailer mounted units have wheels and a ball hitch – so you can attach it to a truck, car, ATV, etc. and pull it where it needs to go.

The heating coils in these pressure washers can bring temperatures up to 200 degrees F, and some steam/hot water combination units can go up to 280F. And some units have an adjustable thermostat.

When comparing hot pressure washers always use the two standard ratings: PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) and GPM (Gallons per Minute). The PSI rating tells you how much force, in the water, the pump was able to produce. And the GPM rating tells you how fast the water flows through the unit. The higher the PSI & GPM, the faster the cleaning. These standardized ratings will help you compare units.

MY IMPORTANT TIP: if you need to clean where exhaust fumes are prohibited, or if the area cannot be ventilated properly (like a kitchen, store, restaurant, hospital, etc.), you’ll really want to think about buying an exhaust/fume-free hot water pressure washer with electrical heating. They produce no fumes!

Always make sure you get a unit with a quality triplex plunger pump. The pump will be the beating heart of your unit, and when your pump wears out, a triplex plunger pump can cheaply & easily be rebuilt or replaced!

Here's My Top Recommendation for the Best Hot Water Pressure Washer:

When I compare PSI, GPM, temperature, quality and cost, I highly recommend this NorthStar Hot Water/Steam pressure washer! Here's why I think it's the best choice:

This NorthStar Hot Water/Steam washer gives you a whopping 3000 PSI, 4 GPM and heats the water up to 250 deg F. And you can choose to spray either hot water - or steam - depending on your cleaning job. This NorthStar has power & versatility - at the right price. You can read more about NorthStar at

I gotta say that I love the high-quality Honda engine with the long lasting CAT 66DX triplex plunger pump I always recommend! You can see Amazons price.

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