Best Honda Pressure Washer
2600 psi Plus Review

If you're like me, you just prefer Honda engines. And I wrote this Honda pressure washer 2600 psi review to help you find the best pressure washer with a Honda engine. 

Read my review of the Simpson Mega Shot, that features a Honda engine, to see if this is the right pressure washer for you............

Honda Pressure Washer Review: Simpson Mega Shot

Gas Engine: the Honda GC190 engine on the Simpson Mega Shot is a premium residential gas engine that's made of high quality components. It's a 4 stroke, 187 cc engine with overhead cam design for efficient & reliable power.  It starts with a manual pull cord, but it almost always starts on the first pull.

And I want to stress that this really is an easy start! Even if you don't have the upper body strength of a large man, you'll be able to easily pull this cord & start the engine on the first pull.

This Honda pressure washer engine meets the EPA and CARB emission standards. This really is a great pressure washer engine & it's one of the reasons I always recommend paying a few extra dollars for the quality, super easy start & reliability of a Honda pressure washer engine.

Pump: This Simpson Mega Shot on Amazon has an OEM Technologies axial cam pump with a corrosion resistant brass head for longer life. A brass head is a high quality feature! And the pistons are stainless steel for longer wear. This axial cam pump is virtually maintenance free because of its oil bath lubrication. And this pump has a new "Power Boost" technology which delivers more pressure at the end of the nozzle tip - for stronger & faster cleaning power. You can't go wrong with this strong axial cam pump.

PSI (Pounds per Square Inch): 3,100 max PSI on the Simpson Mega Shot. This is the right amount of PSI  (cleaning power) to tackle any cleaning job in your shop, yard or on the outside of your house. Remember: gas pressure washers can only be used outdoors! The 3,100 PSI will blast away grime or dirt from your house exterior, grill, patio, outdoor furniture, walkways, fences, cars, trailers, etc. This 3,100 PSI is on the upper end of the range for residential Honda pressure washer 2600 psi plus.

GPM (Gallons per Minute): 2.5 GPM

Frame Construction: The Simpson Mega Shot frame feels substantial & secure when you move it around because its made of heavy gage welded steel. And its designed so that you can store your hose, gun, wand and nozzles right on the frame. That makes it easy transport & store your washer & nozzles. And you'll have less chance of losing one of the spray nozzles, which is really irritating.

Spray Gun: Even though this Honda pressure washer is a residential model, I was surprised to see that it's outfitted with a pro quality steel wand. I liked that. The wand is heavy duty and rust resistant. You won't wear it out or break it - and have to replace it - like the other, cheaper plastic wands on the market.

Nozzles: You'll get 5 color-coded quick connect spray nozzles  on this Simpson Mega Shot: 0, 15, 25, 40 degree nozzles plus a soaper nozzle.  

Wheels: This Honda pressure washer with 2,600 PSI plus is equipped with two 10" pneumatic diameter wheels which are easy to roll, even on rough terrain.

High Pressure Hose: it comes with a 25 ft MorFlex high pressure hose that's kink, abrasion and mark free. If you've read any of my other pressure washer reviews, you know that I dislike some of the cheaper black rubber hoses that can leave ugly black smears or marks on your surface. I mean, what's the point of cleaning if your hose leaves behind nasty marks? But the hose on this Honda pressure washer 2600 psi plus won't do that!

Easy to Move? The shipping weight this Simpson Mega Shot is 71.8 lbs. But once you get it out of the box & its packing materials, it weighs only 65 lbs.  For the power, construction & quality of this washer, this is a very reasonable weight. With the help of its 10" wheels, you won't have any trouble moving this Honda pressure washer to any outdoor cleaning job! You can see's price.

Dimensions: once you assemble it, this Simpson Mega Shot  measures approximately 23.5" in width, 34.75" in depth and 21" in height.

Chemicals or Detergents: There's no built-in detergent tank, but it's advertised as having a "Downstream Detergent Injection System"? What? What does that mean? Really, that's just a fancy name for a simple, clear plastic siphon tube that draws your chemicals or detergents into your washer. One end of the siphon tube, that's included, is attached to a fitting next to the pump, and the other end is put into your soap bottle or jug. Simple.

Warranty: This Simpson Mega Shot pressure washer has a 2 year limited warranty on the Honda engine for consumer/residential use. I want to warn you that you'll void this warranty if you use it for professional or rental cleaning jobs. And you get a 1 year warranty on the frame & pump - and a 90 day warranty on spray accessory items like the nozzles, etc.

Final Recommendations on this Simpson Mega Shot Honda Pressure Washer 2600 psi plus:

What I liked least  about this Honda pressure washer:  There's a lot I really like & recommend on this Simpson Mega Shot. But if you're planning on tackling very large cleaning jobs that require chemicals/detergents, like cleaning an empty swimming pool, you might find the siphon hose system for chemicals to be cumbersome or annoying. You'll have to keep moving your bottle or jug as you move your washer.  If this unit had a built in chemical tank, the job would be easier. But,  if you're not going to take on a extreme job like this, the siphon hose will work perfectly.

What I liked most  about this Honda pressure washer 2600 psi plus: Two things: I love the premium Honda engine. Honda engines are legendary & they're worth the investment over the long haul.  But I also want to heartily recommend the strong OEM Technologies axial cam pump. Your pump will be the beating heart of your pressure washer and this axial cam pump is a monster pump. You'll get years of maintenance-free work out of this pump. You can check out Amazon price on the Simpson Mega Shot.

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