Generac Pressure Washer Parts Review

If you’re looking for Generac pressure washer parts, use my independent reviews & buying to choose the best parts for your washer. My pro experience can help you save time & money. Generac has really earned a great reputation in the pressure washer industry, but eventually, all Generac pressure washer parts wear out.

One of the most frequently replaced parts is the pump. Pumps work hard to provide the pressure (force) in the water that gives you that great cleaning power. And it’s incredibly easy to replace a Generac pressure washer pump: you’ll only need to remove 3 or 4 bolts! Easy. And don’t forget, you can get a quality Generac replacement pump for $100 or less – which is much cheaper than buying an entirely new pressure washer! 

My #1 top replacement pump is the Generac universal pump and it's available on Amazon. I highly recommend this replacement pump because its a quality universal pump that works on all Generac models. And you can check Amazons price for this Generac universal pump.

Most people don’t immediately think of a pressure washer hose as a working part – but it is. Since the very powerful pressurized water constantly flows through the high pressure hose, it experiences wear and tear. And eventually it will wear out, like other Generac pressure washer parts.

I really recommend this replacement Generac high pressure hose. It's steel reinforced and quick connect, but I really love that this polyurethane hose is strong and non-marking!  And you can check Amazons great price on this Generac replacement hose.

If you’ve had your Generac gas pressure washer for a while, you’re probably like me in that I’m constantly dropping the spray gun as I stop & move my unit around. Yep, spray guns get really banged up. Fortunately, they’re really easy & cheap to replace. This OEM Generac replacement spray gun, on Amazon, is built tough and priced right.

And don’t feel bad if the pressure washer nozzles that came with your Generac washer are banged up or misplaced. It happens all the time. When you replace your pressure washer nozzles, always remember to make sure that the new nozzles are designed to work with the exact PSI rating of your Generac washer.  I found the right Generac replacement spray nozzles on Amazon.

Generac Pressure Washer Parts Buying Tips

There are lots of websites that sell pressure washer replacement parts. And you can check around for the best prices. But I would keep two things in mind:

  1. Generac has some of the best warranties on the market. Some units have a two year unlimited warranty, so I recommend that you just make sure you’re not covered under warranty before you spend any money on replacement parts. Just in case.
  2. If you’re not covered under warranty, make sure that you always match up the PSI & GPM specs of any part, with the PSI & GPM ratings on the washer you have. Very important!

Now you have all the information you need to find the best Generac pressure washer parts!

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