Flat Surface Cleaner Review

If you’re thinking about buying a flat surface cleaner, read my pro review & buying tips to make sure you get the best one for your cleaning jobs. And your budget! 

And you can see my #1 recommended surface cleaner: the Yamaha flat surface cleaner on Amazon.

Adding a surface cleaner to your pressure washer will help you in several important ways: you’ll clean much faster, more effectively and with more consistent results than if you just used a regular spray nozzle. You’ll definitely save hours of time and effort. And there’s less stress on your back. It can actually clean 4+ times faster than using a regular spray nozzle.  

And if you’ve ever seen the “zebra stripes” that are sometimes left on patios, courts, pools, driveways, side walks, garage floors or boat decks from uneven power washing, using a surface cleaner will eliminate that.  You’ll be left with a uniform & clean surface on concrete or asphalt.

They're favored by professionals because they save time & give great results. But, you can buy one for a $100 or less, and save the money you would have paid to hire a commercial pressure washing contractor!

I highly recommend the Yamaha Surface Cleaner on Amazon, as the best model on the market in 2015! It has a 15” head, which is a generous cleaning path size for fastest cleaning. This Yamaha attachment will clean your dirty concrete & asphalt surfaces up to 4 times faster than a standard nozzle can do! I really like that it’s a quick connect attachment that will work for almost all power washers up to 3,300 PSI. You just can’t go wrong with this Yamaha surface cleaner – and you can check Amazon’s price.

And I want to point out that they’re also extremely effective in removing stubborn stains from asphalt & concrete! If you have set-in oil, gas or grease stains, you know how difficult it is to remove them.

How a Flat Surface Cleaner Works

It hooks up to your pressure washer and routes the pressurized water from your hose to its internal bar which has high pressure nozzles attached to it. The force & pressure of the water causes the bar & nozzles to spin – sometimes as high at 2500 RPM. As you walk behind, the water shoots out the nozzles on the bar and the dirty surface is cleaned.

Now you know how to buy the best flat surface cleaner for your own cleaning jobs!

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