Ex Cell Pressure Washers Review

Read my independent review of the best Ex Cell pressure washers on the market. If you're looking for a quality gas pressure washer for your shop, house, garage, patio or yard, find out if the Ex Cell Model PWZ0163100.01 with 3100 PSI  & 2.8 GPM on Amazon is the right unit for you. And your budget. I share my pro advice to help you save time and money!

Ex Cell Pressure Washers - 3,100 PSI & 2.8 GPM

Gas Engine: The Ex Cell 212 cc OHV gas engine on this pressure washer is a powerful engine that drives power to the pump. This 212 cc OHV engine is a newer generation engine style which has the valves on top of the engine. This new positioning will give you more reliability. (Older flathead engines on older Ex Cell pressure washers had their valves positioned next to the piston.) It has an easy manual (pull) start and a manual choke. 

PumpThis excellent Ex Cell oil free tri-radical axial pump on Amazon is designed to be maintenance free.  And I really like maintenance free pumps. This Ex Cell brand pump has a premium brass head! Better pressure washer pumps have brass heads because brass is corrosion resistant and it will keep your pump working longer. And this pump also features pistons that are solid ceramic! Ceramic is a very hard material and less prone to wear or cracking. You'll see ceramic pistons (plungers) on the better quality pumps.

Even though this high quality Ex cell pump is designed to be maintenance free, I wanted to mention that if you're planning on storing this pressure washer for more than 30 days - or if it will be stored in freezing temperatures - you should use a pump protector/winterizer. Just a small spray. Taking this extra step will make sure you don't have pump problems when you start up your pressure washer next season.    

PSI (Pounds per Square Inch): 3,100 max PSI  which is more than enough pressurized water power to clean dirt or grime from anything around your house, yard, garage or shop.

GPM (Gallons per Minute): 2.8 GPM

Frame Construction: I really like a few important things about the heavy duty roll cage frame on this Ex Cell pressure washer. It's strong & it'll resist rust. And I really appreciated that the handle on the cage frame is collapsible! The collapsible handle makes it easy to tuck under your work bench or load into your truck, van or trailer. Also, it's designed so you can store your hose, spray wand and nozzles right on the frame. Super handy.

Nozzles: Like other Ex Cell pressure washers, this unit comes with the standard 5 quick connect tips with color coding. You get a 0 degree nozzle, a 15 degree nozzle, a 25 degree nozzle, a 40 degree nozzle and a soap nozzle. The lower the degree of the nozzle, the more powerful the stream of water.  And don't forget, the 0 degree nozzle is a pinpoint stream that is so powerful that it should NOT be used on wood.

Wheels: This Ex Cell PWZ0163100.01 has two 10" pneumatic diameter wheels which are easy to roll, even on rough terrain.

High Pressure Hose: it comes with a 35 ft x 5/16" high pressure PVC hose.

Easy to Move? The out-of-the-box weight for this Ex Cell pressure washer is 103 lbs. That's a lot more weight than the average electric pressure washer. And its weight is on the upper end for a gas pressure washer designed for consumers. The wheels on the heavy duty frame allow it to move smoothly and safely, but if you don't think you can safely roll 100+ lbs, this pressure washer may not be right for you. If 103 lbs is too much for you, check out my review of this highly rated Generac gas pressure washer that's only 61.5 lbs.

Dimensions: once you assemble it, this Ex Cell washer measures approximately 24" in width, 26" in depth and 30" in height.

Assembly: Even though this is a high quality & well-built gas pressure washer, it's really easy to assemble. After you cut away the box, all you have to do is attach the heavy duty cage frame using the M8 bolts and Allen wrench that's included. Then you'll need attach the high pressure hose to the pump inlet, put the lance & gun together, then attach it to the other end of the high pressure hose. You can see more assembly information on this Ex Cell washer on Amazon.com.

Spray Gun: I especially like two things about the spray gun: it has an ergonomically designed handle & it's treated to be rust resistant. The gun feels solid in your hand and the ergonomic design is easier on your hand.   

Chemicals or Detergents: There's no built-in detergent tank, but you can use the detergent/soap/chemical siphon that's included. Bascially, you get a clear plastic chemical hose that you press onto the barbed fitting right next to where the high pressure hose is attached to the unit. Then, you'll put the other end of the chemical hose into the detergent/soap bottle. And, after your put the soaper nozzle (black), on the end of the spray lance, you're ready to apply detergents.

Warranty: You get a solid & good 2 year warranty  on Ex Cell pressure washers from the date you buy it. This is better than most warranties in the industry.

What I liked least about this Ex Cell power washer: There are so many things that I love & recommend about this Ex Cell washer that it's hard for me to point out something that I don't like. But, truthfully, the 103 lb weight of this unit might be a problem for those of us with limited upper body strength. Or those of us who have a disability or injury.  But if the weight is not a problem for you, you can see Amazons price on this Ex Cell washer 

What I liked most about this model: I've learned that the quality of the pressure washer pump is critical if you want fast cleaning & a long life. And I love the high-quality Ex Cell axial pump on this unit. It's a monster that's built to last. The corrosion resistant brass head & ceramic plungers guarantee great pressure and few troubles. My vote, for my favorite feature on this washer, is the high quality pump. A quality pump is the best value, over the long haul, on Ex Cell pressure washers. You can also check Amazons price.

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