Campbell Hausfeld Pressure Washer Review

If you're comparing pressure washers, this independent Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer review page can help you choose wisely!

I use my years of pro experience to rate the cleaning power, speed, accessories and cost to help you decide if the Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 electric pressure washer, that's also available on Amazon,  is the right choice for you.

Campbell Hausfeld Pressure Washer PW1825 Review

Engine: The Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 is powered by a 120 volt, 14 amp universal electric motor. This electric motor really is quiet and doesn't produce any fumes or emissions. And it works with any outlet in your house or on your deck/patio.

I really like that this Campbell Hausfeld electric pressure washer has a unique ISS (Instant Start Stop) system: the motor automatically shuts off when the gun (trigger) is not engaged. This conserves water & electricity. And it extends the life of the pump. A great idea.

Pump: This washer is equipped with an electric wobble pump that produces up to 1,800 PSI. That's enough pressure to tackle lots of light duty cleaning jobs like decks, siding, vehicles, patio furniture, etc.

Wobble pumps, like on this Campbell Hausfeld unit, are the most common type of pump found on electric pressure washers. Wobble pumps are less expensive than the axial pumps found on gas pressure washers. And it's one of the reasons you can find so many reasonable prices on electric washers.

PSI (Pounds per Square Inch): 1,800 max

GPM (Gallons per Minute): 1.5

Cart & Handle: The plastic cart has a molded easy-carry handle. And I really appreciated the onboard storage places for the hose, spray gun and the power cord. That makes it so easy & neat to store this washer!

Spray Gun & Tips:  This Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer comes with 2 spray tips: an adjustable fan tip and a rotary turbo lance. The adjustable fan tip can be adjusted from 15 to 60 degrees and is great for safely cleaning wide areas. The rotary turbo tip is your best choice for concentrated cleaning in smaller areas/projects.

Cord:  You'll get a 35 foot GFCI electrical power cord.

High Pressure Hose: The Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 has a 20 ft rubber high pressure hose.

Easy to Move? Yes!  It weighs only 25.2  lbs and the two wheels roll very easily. You won't have any trouble moving this to any area to clean - even up steps. You can see this Campbell Hausfeld washer on  

Dimensions: It measures 13" length, 11" width (wheel to wheel) and 31" height out-of-the-box.

Chemical Tank: This Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer has a generously sized one liter chemical tank for detergents & soaps. Very handy. You won't have to drag a jug of detergent or soap around. Just fill up the onboard tank & you're good to go.

Warranty: You get a one year limited warranty.

What I liked least about this Campbell Hausfeld  PW1825 power washer: If I had to point out something negative I would say that its 20ft high pressure hose might be a little bit short. With a 20 ft hose, it's hard to easily move from the front to the back of most cars, when you're washing them. You'll have to move this Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer as you wash all sides of a car or RV. A 25 ft foot hose would have been nicer. Not a huge deal, but I wanted to share it. You can see Amazons price on this Campbell Hausfeld electric washer.

What I liked most about this model: There's a lot to like about this Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer model, but I really appreciate the clever & attractive design of this unit. The built-in on-board storage & detergent tank is incredibly handy. And it's got enough power to handle almost all basic house & yard cleaning projects. And its economical price just can't be beat!  You can read more reviews & check Amazons price.  


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