How to Buy a Pressure Washer

Use my independent review & tips to buy a pressure washer that’s perfect for your cleaning jobs & budget. I’ll save you time & hassles. Yes, there are a lot of models out there but my advice will make it easy for you to choose the best one.

And you can see my #1 top recommended electric pressure washer to buy: the AR Blue Clean 383 that's available at Amazon's great price.

First, think about the types of cleaning jobs you’re planning on tackling before you buy a pressure washer. And how often you plan to use your new washer:

If you think you’d like to use your new washer to clean your car, porch, deck, patio furniture, windows and sidewalks once or twice a month, you should really think about an electric pressure washer. First, electric pressure washers are powerful enough to handle all these light and medium cleaning jobs. You’ll see electric models with 1450 to 2030 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) ratings. But, since they’re quiet – much quieter than gas models – you won’t annoy your neighbors.

And I love that they’re lightweight! Electric washers generally weigh less than 30 lbs. so they’re super easy to carry where ever you need to clean. Even up steps!  All you need to do is make sure you have an electric outlet & a spigot.

Lastly, you can’t beat the economical prices of electric washers. As you shop around, you can find a quality electric power washers generally priced anywhere between $180 - $250.

Here's My Top Recommendation for the Best Electric Pressure Washer:

I highly recommend the AR Blue Clean AR383 as the best electric pressure washer for any homeowner! Here's why I think it's the best electric unit:

It provides 1900 PSI which gives you very good cleaning power & speed - and  it has an Annovi Reverberi Triplex 3 axial piston pump!  As a pro, I know very well that the quality of your pump is critical for good cleaning results, consistent performance & long life. This Annovi Triplex pump is a much higher quality & longer lasting pump than you'll see on other electric washers.  And you can read other customer reviews on

And I know you'll really appreciate that this AR Blue Clean has a hose reel! Finally - you can get a hose reel on an electric unit! Trust me, the fact that you can neatly & quickly store your 20ft hose on the unit will help you work faster & more safely. And it's also easier to store. You can check this item at Amazons price.

Buy a Pressure Washer: Gas Models

But if you’d like to work on tougher cleaning projects like stripping paint, removing mold & mildew or cleaning larger spaces like large patios, swimming pools or courts, a gas pressure is probably a better choice. Yes, they’re louder than electric washers, but they have much higher PSI ratings. The higher PSI ratings will give you a faster & deeper clean on any surface.

And don’t forget that gas pressure washer are heavier than electric models. You’ll see that they can weigh between 65 to 120 lbs. So make sure that you’re comfortable moving around all that weight before you buy a pressure washer.

I wanted to point out that gas pressure washers cost more than electric units. But, remember that you’re getting more power & longer working life. Gas washers are built with high quality axial cam or triplex pumps that are designed to work much longer. And their engines are made with higher quality components too. Although you’ll initially pay more for a gas model, you’ll get a better value, in the long run, for those tougher cleaning jobs.

Here's My Top Recommendation for the Best Gas Pressure Washer:

When you compare power, quality, speed & cost, I really recommend the Generac 6596 as the #1 gas pressure washer!

Here's why I think it's the best gas pressure washer choice:

With it's powerful Generac 196 cc OHV gas engine, you'll get a whopping 2,800 PSI with 2.5 GPM - which is a powerful amount of cleaning power! You'll be able to clean much faster than if you were using an electric unit.

And I want to say that I really like the high quality Generac axial cam pump. It's built to last over the long haul. And you can read other customer reviews on

For such a power house of a washer, this Generac weighs a relatively lightweight 65.5 lbs. But what makes it very unique is that it has a specially designed frame that perfectly balances the engine & pump over the axle, for lighter handling. This Generac washer moves easily & effortlessly!

The spray gun is molded so it's comfortable in your hand - even if you're using it for a long time. And I really, really like the oversized Never-Flat tires. Goodbye to irritating flat tires while you're working.

The Generac 6596 is an excellent gas pressure washer at a great price.  You can see's price.

Now you have the solid information you need to buy a pressure washer that suited for you cleaning jobs & budget!

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