Read This Review Before You Buy a New Pump!

Before you spend money on a pump that doesn't fit, or spend extra money on a brand new pressure washer, check out my #1 top replacement pump that works on ALL pressure washer brands: the Generac universal pump that's available on Amazon!

You'll save money by replacing your pump - and it's only a matter of removing a few bolts. Easy. And when you compare PSI power, GPM ratings, warranty & price, the Generac UNIVERSAL pump for all pressure washer brands is my top choice for the best & most economical pump on the market!

It's built with high quality plungers, has a great warranty, works with any pressure washer engine with a max of 3,000 PSI, has a 3/4" shaft and you can check Amazon's great price on this Generac pump that works with ALL pressure washer brands!

Here's my handy chart of the best pressure washer replacement pumps that I do recommend:

A lot of my readers are surprised to find out how easy it is to it is to change out a pump. 

Here's some important tips I want to share with you for easily replacing your pressure washer pump:

1. As you shop around for a replacement pump, keep in mind that you don't  have to choose the same pressure washer pump manufacturer brand for your replacement pump! For instance, if you have a Comet pump, you don't have to replace it with another Comet pump.

2. You can choose any pump brand as long as the PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) and GPM (Gallons per Minute) specs match your existing pump. You need to match, as closely as possible, the PSI and GPM specs on your existing pump with your new pump.

3. And you need to match up the mounting direction (horizontal or vertical) and the bolt pattern of any replacement pump.

4. Once you'd followed these 3 steps, its really as easy as removing a few bolts!

Pressure Washer Pump Replacement & Maintenance Tips

With improvements in design & technology, pressure washer pumps now can run longer with less maintenance.

To keep your pump running, you need to always make sure you keep dirt out of your pump - and that you change your pump oil on schedule.  The only exception to changing your pump oil is if you've got one of the newer style sealed & maintenance free pumps on the market.

You should change your pump oil every 50 hours of running time - or once a year - whichever comes first. Your owners manual will tell you which oil brand to use on your washer.

To change your oil on your pressure washer pump, you'll first need to drain the oil and fuel from the engine. Then remove the oil cap from the pump and drain the used oil. You'll need to tilt your washer to drain the oil.

Now fill the pump with fresh oil. Put your oil cap on again & make sure your washer is in the upright position before you start it up again.

I hope my pressure washer pump replacement tips help you get your unit up & running again!

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