Best Gas Pressure Washer Review

Read my pro buying tips & independent reviews to choose the best gas pressure washer for you.  I'll help you sort through the hundreds of models on the market to find the best gas pressure washer for your home & budget. And I'll share my #1 top rated Generac gas pressure washer with 2,800 PSI that's also available on Amazon.

Reasons to Choose a Gas Pressure Washer

Gas pressure washers are popular with homeowners because they do an excellent on both light and  heavy-duty cleaning jobs. They clean anything from cars, bikes, fences, siding on your house, patios, swimming pools - and they'll even strip paint!

And because of new great design & manufacturing advances in the last few years, their prices have become much more economical. There's no need to rent a gas pressure washer anymore - it's cheaper to buy one!

Best Gas Pressure Washer Buying Tips

Here's my top buying tips to make sure you get the best gas pressure washer for your hard-earned money:

1. First, check the PSI ( Pounds per Square Inch) rating on all the models you see! Each model you look at will  have a standard PSI rating clearly marked. PSI is the measurement of the force that the pump is able to produce in the water. Higher PSI rates means more cleaning power. And much faster cleaning.

You'll see a range of PSI ratings, generally from 2,200 to 3,500+. Prices rise slightly,  on units with higher PSI ratings.

2. Check the GPM (Gallons Per Minute). GPM is the rate of the water flow through the unit. Just like PSI, a higher GPM rating means faster & more powerful cleaning.

3. Compare Accessories: Take note of what accessories come with each model to help you choose the best gas pressure washer. Look for a full set of color nozzles, (typically: red, yellow, green, white, black), that are suited for different types of cleaning jobs. And a turbo nozzle is a great additional nozzle to have for faster cleaning on larger surfaces. And I also prefer gas washers that come with non-marking hoses! These are lighter color hoses that don't leave marks as you work.

4. Check the Warranty. I love the fact that you can go to a local store, or go online, to easily compare prices & ratings. But don't  forget that you need to double-check warranty coverage! Ask the store or website what their return policy is. As them what their warranty or return policy is for defects or breakdowns. Don't get caught - ask before you buy so you make sure you get the best gas pressure washer for your money.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT TIP: Please be aware that Karcher, and a few other manufacturers, do NOT honor their warranty if you buy their products on Ebay. Karchers own written warranty specifically states that they will not  honor any warranty if you buy one of their units on Ebay. (Entire Karcher written warranty here.) Just so you know - make sure you ask questions before you buy on Ebay.

Here's My Top Recommendation for the Best Gas Pressure Washer:

When you compare power, quality, speed & cost, I really recommend the Generac 6596 as the #1 gas pressure washer!

Here's why I think it's the best gas pressure washer choice:

With it's powerful Generac 196 cc OHV gas engine, you'll get a whopping 2,800 PSI with 2.5 GPM - which is a powerful amount of cleaning power! You'll be able to clean much faster than if you were using an electric unit.

And I want to say that I really like the high quality Generac axial cam pump. It's built to last over the long haul. And you can read other customer reviews on

For such a power house of a washer, this Generac weighs a relatively lightweight 65.5 lbs. But what makes it very unique is that it has a specially designed frame that perfectly balances the engine & pump over the axle, for lighter handling. This Generac washer moves easily & effortlessly!

The spray gun is molded so it's comfortable in your hand - even if you're using it for a long time. And I really, really like the oversized Never-Flat tires. Goodbye to irritating flat tires while you're working.

The Generac 6596 is an excellent gas pressure washer at a great price.  You can see's price.

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