Axial Cam vs Triplex Pump

Axial cam vs triplex pump? Good question. These are the two types of pumps outfitted on pressure washers and I’ll give you detailed information about the differences between them.

Here's my #1 choice for the best replacement axial pump: the Generac universal pump on Amazon.  I highly recommend this high-quality horizontal Generac axial pump. It's a universal pump that's designed to work with all pressure washer brands up to a max of 3,000 PSI ! You can check Amazon's price on the Generac axial replacement pump.

Axial cam pumps are direct drive pumps. They are directly connected to the pressure washer engine. That means that the pistons of the axial pump move at the same speed as the pressure washer engine or motor.  On average, axial pumps don’t last as long as triplex pumps. But, axial pumps are popular because they are generally more economical and they produce enough PSI pressure to handle just about any homeowner cleaning job.  

I highly recommend this AR North America Triplex pump on Amazon as my #1 triplex replacement pump choice.

I really appreciate the heavy-duty construction: it's made of a special alloy aluminum with a bronze base to give you maximum strength and working hours. I love the high-quality stainless steel plunger rods on this AR triplex pump available on Amazon.

This horizontally mounted AR triplex pump works well with all gas pressure washer models up to 4,000 PSI and 3 GPM. And it doesn’t take long to get set up because it has a 3/8” quick connect. And you can check Amazon’s price on the AR Triplex pump.

Triplex pumps are reciprocating positive-displacement pumps that have 3 plungers. They're built with heaver components & bearings than an axial cam pump. So, in general,  they'll give you more working hours out of your pressure washer.

And if you'd like to learn more about this AR North America triplex pump, you can view or download these owner manuals and parts diagrams:

Owners Manual - AR North America Triplex Pump

Formulas and Conversions - Handy Chart for AR North America Triplex Pump

Parts Diagram - Triplex Pump

Or you can visit the AR North America website.

Triplex Pump Explained

Let's talk about what makes a triplex pump unique and how they compare with axial pumps.

You can check Amazon's price on the AR North America Triplex Pump.

Triplex pumps have their name because they’re built with three high quality plungers or pistons. Triplex pumps are also built with more components, using higher grade metals and ceramics.

In general, triplex pumps will last much longer than an axial pump. And triplex pumps are always used by professional contractors because they produce higher PSI and they are highly reliable. (Pro contractors can’t afford to have equipment breakdowns on the job.)

And you can check Amazon's price on the AR Triplex Pump.

Because they’re built so well, and produce higher PSI, triplex models almost also have a higher price tag than an axial pump. My recommendation is that you should consider a triplex pump only if you plan on running your pressure washer more than 40 working hours a year.

If you're planning on using your pressure washer for less than 40 hours a year, for general household projects, I feel that an axial pressure washer pump would be a good choice & value for you.

You can check out my top axial pump recommendation: the Generac Universal Pump on Amazon.

For many homeowners, a pressure washer with an axial pump is the sweet spot choice when they're comparing quality vs price.

Video - Triplex Pump Repair & Maintenance

If you have a triplex pump on your pressure washer, I wanted to share this video which details important triplex pump repair and maintenance tips:

To get the longest life out of your pressure washer investment, you'll definitely want to keep on track with routine maintenance.

Axial Cam Pump and Triplex Pump Repair

Sooner or later, your pump will wear out. Even if you have a very reliable & high-quality axial pump or triplex pump, it will eventually lose some power or wear out.

IF your triplex pump or axial cam pump is giving you trouble, or has worn out, you'll want to check with a service center to see if you're covered under warranty. And to get important repair or replacement tips for your pressure washer pump.

So I wanted to include some handy links to the service centers of the major pressure washer pump manufacturers, to help you get started:

AR North America Pump Service Centers

Generac Pump Service Centers

CAT Pumps Service Centers

Honda Pump Service Centers

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Generac Universal Horizontal Mount Pump on Amazon

Himore Universal Vertical Mount Pump on Amazon

AR North America Triplex Pump on Amazon

Quick Review of the Best Replacement Pumps

  • Horizontal Mount
  • Up to 3,000 PSI
  • Comes sealed with fluids 
  • Universal and works with all washer brands
  • Vertical Mount
  • Up to 2,700 PSI
  • Comes Sealed & Ready to use
  • Works with all brands
  • Horizontal Mount
  • Triplex Pump
  • Up to 4,000 PSI & 3 GPM
  • Stainless Steel Plunger Rods
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Price  

    Check today's price on Amazon 

    Check today's price on Amazon

    Look up today's price on Amazon 

    Best Pressure Washer Pump Comparison Chart

    1. Quick Replacement Pump Review:

    Most Popular

    Generac Universal Horizontal Pump on Amazon

    • Horizontal Mount
    • Up to 3,000 PSI
    • Comes sealed with fluids
    • Universal & works with all washer brands

    Himore Universal Vertical Mount Pump on Amazon

    • Vertical Mount
    • Up to 2,700 PSI
    • Comes sealed & ready to use
    • Works with all brands

    AR North America Triplex Pump on Amazon

    • Horizontal Mount
    • Triplex Pump
    • Up to 4,000 PSI & 3 GPM
    • Stainless Steel Plunger Rods
    • Heavy Duty Construction

    2. Price

    Axial Cam Pump | Why are they so popular?

    axial cam pump

    As you're shopping around and comparing pressure washers you'll see a lot of axial cam pumps installed. And you might be wondering why an axial cam pump is such a popular pump.

    An axial cam pump is a popular choice for pressure washer manufacturers because of its power, components, replacement options and price point.

    An axial cam pump provides more PSI power than a wobble pump can, so an axial cam pump will deliver the amount of power most homeowners need for their cleaning projects. Also an axial cam pump is typically designed with quality components like ceramic, brass and steel - so it will provide reliable power.

    And if you have an axial cam on your pressure washer, and it wears out, but your engine is still running good, you can replace your axial cam pump. Yes, if the frame and engine of your pressure washer still has life to it, you can just switch out your axial cam pump with a replacement - and you'll save a lot of money when compared to buying a whole new pressure washer.

    Lastly, axial cam pumps are popular because they're priced more economically than most heavy-duty triplex pumps.

    Here's my highly recommended replacement pumps - and why I recommend them:

    This horizontal Generac pump is a universal fit - so it will work with any pressure washer brand or engine up to 3,000 PSI with a horizontal mount.

    When you compare quality & price, you just can't beat this Generac pump.

    It's shipped to you completely sealed - and ready to be installed next to your engine. I love that it comes completely sealed & with proper fluids. No leaks. Extra easy & fast installation for you. And Generac consistently produces quality pressure washer pumps. You can read other customer reviews on

    This Himore Universal vertical mount pump, available on Amazon, is my top choice if you need a vertical mount replacement pump.

    This vertical mount pump with 7/8" shaft fits any model or brand of pressure washer with a maximum of 2700 PSI and 2.4 GPM.

    And this Himore Universal Vertical Pump will come to you filled with pump oil, sealed and ready to be put onto your washer. No annoying leaks or refilling. Super easy installation so you won't waste time getting your unit up & running again. 

    And it's very economically priced. You can pick it up for less than $100! You can check this item at's price.

    And this AR North America Triplex pump is my #1 Choice when you need a replacement triplex  pump.

     I love the construction: one piece that's made with a special alloy aluminum and bronze base. It's oversized to give you the maximum strength & longest life.

    It works  great for gas pressure washer units up to 4,000 PSI and 3 GPM. And it features a 3/8" quick connect - so hooking it up only take a few minutes. You can check this item at's price.

    My important buying tip on axial cam vs triplex pump choices: If you're replacing your pressure washer pump, make sure you match your existing specs, with your new pump.  You'll want to match up the PSI  (Pounds per Square Inch), GPM (Gallons per Minute) ratings - as well as the mount type:  horizontal versus vertical. You don't have to choose the same brand name, when you're replacing your pressure washer pump, but you do  need to match the specs.

    And you can read new reviews of triplex pumps on my triplex pump review page.

    Axial Cam vs Triplex Pump Maintenance Tips

    And don't forget that proper maintenance is critical for getting the most out of your pump - and protecting your investment!

    Most gas pressure washer owners manual state that you should check your pump oil level often.  I think it's best to check your pump oil level before you start the engine - each time. And it's a good idea to completely change the oil every spring.

    Check your owners manual for more maintenance instructions for your unit.

    So now you know the differences between an axial cam vs triplex pump -- and how to choose the right replacement pump!

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