AR Triplex Pump Review

This independent AR triplex pump review page will help you if you’re looking for the best triplex replacement pump for your washer and your budget. I’ll talk about how a triplex pump works and I’ll recommend the best AR replacement model on the market.

And you can see my best triplex replacement pump recommendation: the AR North America triplex pump on Amazon.

How an AR Triplex Pump Works

A triplex pump is a reciprocating positive-displacement pump that’s designed to mechanically move, and put pressure into, the water in your power washer. All AR triplex pumps have three plungers that are driven by the gas engine of your washer.

Triplex pumps are built with heavier components and bearings than an axial cam pump. Triplex pumps are the choice of pressure washer pro’s because of their reliability and higher PSI ratings. And triplex have a longer working life than axial cam pumps.

I highly recommend this AR North America Triplex pump on Amazon as my #1 triplex replacement pump choice.

I really appreciate the heavy-duty construction: it's made of a special alloy aluminum with a bronze base to give you maximum strength and working hours. I love the high-quality stainless steel plunger rods on this AR triplex pump available on Amazon.

This horizontally mounted AR triplex pump works well with all gas pressure washer models up to 4,000 PSI and 3 GPM. And it doesn’t take long to get set up because it has a 3/8” quick connect. And you can check Amazon’s price on the AR Triplex pump.

AR Triplex Pump Review Buying Tips

When you’re looking at triplex replacement pumps, remember that you don’t have to choose the same brand name for your replacement pump. For instance, if you power washer came with a CAT triplex pump, but you’ve worn it out, you can replace it with another triplex pump brand name.

Yes, you can choose any triplex pump brand name as long as the PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute) specifications match on both your old pump and your new replacement pump.

And, of course, the mounting direction (either horizontal or vertical) must also match up.

I hope this AR triplex pump review has been of help.

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