AR Blue Clean AR383 1.5 HP Review

AR Blue Clean AR383 1.5 HP Review

There are a lot of electric pressure washers on the market! And sometimes it's hard to tell which one would be best for you & your cleaning jobs.

That's why I wrote this independent review of my #1 top electric pressure washer choice: the AR Blue Clean AR383 also available on Amazon.  I use my years of experience to rate the power, accessories, speed & quality of this electric washer .....

Engine:  The 120 Volt, 60 Hz, 14 Amp electric motor on this AR Blue Clean washer on Amazon is a universal copper motor and has a rating of 1.5HP.

PumpThe durable 3 axial-piston wobble plate pump on this AR Blue Clean  is made by Annovi Reverberi. The pump has tempered stainless steel plungers for strength.  Also, this pump produces a maximum of 1,900 PSI, which is very good, and you'll have more than enough pressurized water power to clean driveways, grills, decks, mowers, windows, etc.  

PSI (Pounds per Square Inch): 1,900 max

GPM (Gallons per Minute): 1.5

Body Construction: The body is constructed with a built-in handle - AND a hose reel. Finally, an electric pressure washer that has a hose reel! The hose reel has a hand crank which easily allows you to roll up the hose, out of you way, when you're done cleaning. Really handy. And  I really like that ALL the accessories have their own storage spot built into the body of the AR Blue Clean AR383 1.5HP.  With the hose reel & built in storage for accessories, you won't lose or trip on hoses/accessories. And it's a breeze to store.

Wands/Nozzles: You actually get two different wands (lances) with the AR Blue Clean AR383, which I think is great. The first wand has a nozzle with a rotating (spinning) spray pattern for turbo cleaning. This turbo cleaning feature is a bonus because you'll get high impact results and a wider cleaning path. You'll work faster.  And the second wand has a tip that can be adjusted for different spray angles.  

Wheels: This AR Blue Clean electric washer has two very handy wheels and it easily rolls where you need to clean - or where you need to store it.

High Pressure Hose: Boy, I really like the 20 ft long high pressure hose! The 20ft long high pressure hose on this AR Blue Clean AR383 1.5HP is so much longer than many other electric pressure washers.  This really long hose means you probably won't have to worry about getting an extension cord to work on large cleaning jobs. AND, the longer hose means you won't have to continually move this pressure washer, every few minutes, to reach a new spot. Really helpful.

Easy to Move? The out-of-the-box weight for this AR Blue Clean electric washer is 27 lbs, which is an average weight for a washer with this class/power. I really like the upright, trolley design of this washer, and with the built-in handle & easy rolling wheels, you won't have any trouble moving it. You can see this AR Blue Clean AR 383 1.5HP on  

Dimensions: it measures 11.25" in length, 12.25" width and 28.5" height out-of-the-box.

Spray Gun: I really liked that this AR Blue Clean has a Total Stop System (TSS) on the spray gun. The power to the washer is controlled by the trigger and that's a great safety feature.

Chemical Tank: It has a bottle for detergents & soaps.

Warranty: It comes with a 1 Year "bumper to bumper" warranty, from the date of purchase to retail buyers.  Just remember that you'll void your warranty if you sell your unit, or if you use this AR Blue Clean washer for commercial or rental use.

What I liked least about this AR Blue Clean AR383 electric washer:  I really had to think hard about what I liked least on this washer.  And it was really hard for me to come up with something I didn't like. I guess, in a perfect world, it would have been nice to have a small, built-in chemical tank for soaps. Instead of the included bottle that sits next to the washer. But that's the only nit-picky thing I could think about criticizing on this economical & powerful electric washer!  You can see's price on the AR Blue Clean AR383.

What I liked most about this model: There's a lot to love about this washer, but I have to say that the built-in hose reel is genius! Having the built-in hose reels makes storing it quick, easy and clean.  And I just wanted to say that for the amount of power (1,900PSI) this electric washer has, it truly is very quiet. This AR Blue Clean AR383 1.5 HP is one of the quietest models I've tried in this range/class. I really like that.  You can read more reviews & check's price.


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